The Oreia was named after the Oreia Federation that was at its peak at the end of the fourth until the beginning of the third century B.C. The Federation consisted of the cities: Syia, Ertakina, Lissos, Eliros, Tarra and Poikilassos all situated in the region of the Leuka Ori (White Mountains). The capital city of the Federation was Lissos, a religious centre Dektinneo of Lissos. The Federation had its own currency which played an important political, economical and strategic rote at the time.

Paleochora is located 70 km southwest of the city of Chania (85 km from Chania airport and 77 from Souda port). It is a lively town with 2500 residents which multiplies during the summer months. The climate is dry with high temperatures during the summer months. There is an 18 km stretch of coastline where many of its beaches have been awarded blue flags.

Paleochora is considered a popular destination so it has all the necessary facilities and services for its visitors. There are banks, a post office, a courier company, super markets, doctors, chemists, internet cafes, travel agencies and car rentals. Moreover, there is a big variety of taverns and fast food restaurants and nightlife at its cafes, bars and discos next to the sea. Visitors can go scuba diving, windsurfing and canoeing.

For nature lovers, Paleochora is a starting point for hiking with the European footpaths E1 and E4. Furthermore, in a relatively short distance, there are the beaches of Souyia, Elafonisi, not to mention the Gorge of Samaria. There is a boat to Gavdos (the southest island in Europe), Hora Sfakion, Souyia, Elafonisi, Loutro and Agia Roymeli.

As mentioned earlier, Paleochora is in an area of great archeological importance. Therefore there are a lot of archeological sites and monuments dating back to Byzande time with easy access to. Note also that there are many amazingly beautiful and interesting caves in the area to visit. Moreover a visit to the European Museum of Acritans which presents the acritans tradition of the peoples of Europe and the idea of harmonious unison, an idea that is current in modern European multicultural communities.

Paleochora is easily accessible within an hour and a half from the city of Chania along an upgraded route. There are many buses throughout the day or you can choose the comfort of a taxi.